Baby Cow
Baby cow
Cooper the Creeper with the baby cow on the ledge

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First Appearance

Episode 3

Last Appearance

Episode 13

This baby cow was an orphan that Cooper adopted.


  • It is unknown if Cooper knew he was killed because in season 2 he does not mention the Baby Cow.


The gang saw Steve breeding two cows to make this one. They got the impression that he was a good guy right up until the point where he killed the two parents. Feeling sorry for the baby cow, Cooper took the calf into his cave though the others complained that he stunk up the area. When Cameron made a massive tunnel to find Marcus, Cooper and the baby cow were stuck on a ledge. The cow almost walked off a few times but Cooper stopped it.


When Cooper, Nigel and the Witch were trapped inside Steve's house facing the fact that they would have to kill themselves to kill Steve, Cooper then said "What about my Baby cow at home! Who's gonna take care of my baby cow!?" You then see the cave with beef at the bottom of the tunnel meaning the cow had walked off the ledge and killed itself.

Quotes about himEdit

  • "No wonder your parents were killed, you're a dumb little asshole."- Cooper
  • "Step back! STEP BACK! GOD DAMN!"- Cooper

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