Mob Squad: Episode 2 ScriptEdit

The Mob squad is outside Steve's house
Mob squad 2 pic

Episode 2

Cooper: So what do we do? What do we do Phil?

Phil: We've been waiting quite so time and...

Cooper: I know I aint seen him.

Phil:...I do not see this guy.

Cameron: I know he's in there. He was in there earlier and he's just been in there all day.

Phil: You know what. Let's just charge in there and beat the f*ck out of him.

Cooper: I'm with Phil, let's do it.

Cameron: Sounds good to me, just go in there and beat the living shit out of the creature. 

Marcus: We're a te-eam.

Phil: Alright who's going in first.

Lyle: I'll go first Phil.

Marcus: I will go first too.

Cooper: Lets do it, give us a countdown.

Phil: Alright. Three.

Marcus: Three.

Phil: Two.

Marcus: Two.

Lyle: Two

Cooper: Two.

Phil: I was, I was gonna do that.

Marcus: ONE!

Phil: NO!

Marcus: ONE!

Phil: No no no!

Lyle: No no no!

Phil: Shut up. Here I'm gonna do it right now. Three.

Marcus: Three.

All: Two!

Phil: GO!

All charge into Steve's house shouting to find no-one in.

Phil: Ok.

Lyle: Aw shit!

Cooper: Where is he?

Phil: Where is he? Cameron! Get in here!

Cameron: Door's too small. Can't even fit in through there.

Phil: Just move one of those blocks out of the way.

Cameron: Aw hell no!

Phil: What?

Cameron: Just look at these blocks, they're just perfectly placed, every single one of them, I wouldn't mess up something like that.

Phil walks up to Steve's bed

Phil: Hmm. This things soft. I wonder if this is where he sleeps.

Cooper: (Sniffs) The thing smells like a sheep.



Cooper: Aw!

Phil: Oh my God!

Cooper: Oh disgusting.

Lyle: You gotta be kidding me. He's been having sex with sheep.

Marcus: Sheep f*cker!

Phil: Oh my God. No no no. This is wrong.

Cooper finds an open trapdoor.

Cooper: What is this? It's like a hole in the ground.

Phil: Oh yeah.

Walks over and look down.

Phil: What's down there?

Steve is down there looking up.

Phil: (Screams) HOLY SHIT! RUN! 

They all run out of the house screaming.

Cameron: Hey wait, wait, wait. Where's everyone going. 

Steve walks out holding a stone pickaxe indicating the hole he was in was a mine.

Cameron: Well there he is. Hey. Hey I'm right over here.

Steve looks at Cameron slightly.

Cameron: So listen I was looking at... at the way you placed these blocks here and I gotta say I am a big fan of your work. What's the matter? Ocelot got your tounge? 

Steve walks back into his house.

Cameron: So... Oh, oh. He just went back inside didn't he. Huh. What a funny fela.




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