Episode 5
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Mar 2, 2013

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Cameron comes to Steve's house to give him a dirt block.

Back at the cave, the Squad is inspecting the objects Steve left the other day. Marcus says he sees sticks and rocks and more sticks. Cooper tells them to stop playing with the dark magic. Phil says they have to camouflage the cave because Steve could come back for his stuff. Cooper suggests they should move but Phil says that's not an option because they were here first.

Meanwhile, Cameron is still waiting for Steve to come out of his house only to find him later walking into it from the forest. Steve then starts staring at Cameron which makes him go into a sweary rage.

At the cave again, Marcus is holding up a stone pickaxe and he and Lyle explain how they made it whilst playing Tic Tac Toe. Phil then says that they could use it against Steve but he's not sure how. Then Lyle starts talking about an old lady that lived at the end of a swamp who knew all about black magic and was a witch! The Mob Squad then decide to journey there.

Youtube summary Edit

The Mob Squad plays with their new toys and Cameron apologizes to Steve.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

  • "That's some kind of dark evil...evil black magic!"- Cooper
  • "Brought you a block!"- Cameron
  • "There are sticks, and there are rocks and....OOOH! There are more sticks.!"- Marcus
  • "Look at what Marcus did!"- Lyle
  • "It looks like a weapon!"- Lyle
  • "Now listen, guys. Kirby used to tell me about a lady who lived at the end of the swamp, and she knew all about black magic...and the future...and Kirby said...SHE WAS A WITCH!"- Lyle
  • "What the fuck are you lookin' at, you little punk-ass bitch! You little prick! Oh you run inside, you run inside you little beady eyed ass....*Pause* suckin' little bitch! Think it's okay to look at somebody like 'dat, with yo' little stinky eyes. Yo' little beady stinky eyes!"- Cameron









Steve's house

Mob Squad cave


Episode 5 Script


  • Alot of people wonder how Lyle lost to Marcus at Tic Tac Toe in such a stupid way.
  • Whilst in the cave in this episode we do not see the Baby Cow or even hear it's mooing.