Episode 6
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Mar 9, 2013

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The Witch


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The Squad are walking through a swamp on their quest to see the Witch. Cooper keeps asking Lyle how much longer but Lyle doesn't know. Then Marcus says he's found it and points to a mushroom. But then we see he has been pointing to a hut. They call for the Witch who comes out with a potion in her hand and throws it at Marcus which makes him talk in a slow voice. They then say they are friends with Kirby. Then Cameron teleports in with a dirt block and complains about Steve and puts the dirt block down then teleports off. The Witch asks the Mob Squad where Kirby is and they break it to her that he's dead. Then Cameron teleports back and picks up the dirt block and teleports away again. The Mob Squad finally tell the Witch about Steve and the pickaxe. She then tells them what she's heard. Marcus and Cooper decide to go back to the cave but the Witch takes Phil and Lyle to a wall of a cliff where she flicks a lever which opens a door to a room with a minecart inside.

Youtube's summaryEdit

The Mob Squad journeys through the swamp to see a witch.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

  • "Here's a dirt block. Maybe you'll appreciate it, unlike that shit-suckin', donkey-faced, dirt monkey!"- Cameron
  • "You take another step forward and I'll throw this potion right up your asshole I swear to God."- The Witch






The Witch



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