Episode 7
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Mar 16, 2013

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Lyle and The Witch


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The Witch, Lyle and Phil are riding a minecart down a tunnel. The Witch then tells them both to jump out. They jump out and see the minecart come to the end of it's track and fall into a ravine filled with lava. The Witch tells them they need to wait for Cameron.

Cooper is walking near Steve's house and sees a hut made from badly arranged blocks with Cameron inside who tells him is his new house. Cooper explains to him how he needs to find Phil and the others. Cameron says if he goes who will watch his house. Cooper agrees to watch Cameron's house. After Cameron teleports away, Cooper runs off. 

Back at the cave Marcus is playing with the pickaxe and mines a block. He is amazed and then mines a floor block and jumps into the hole he made. He then repeatedly mines the block underneath him and drops down whilst saying 'Pick pick pick drop'.

The Witch starts flirting with Lyle at the ravine when Cameron gets there. She points out he's very tall and tells him to build a bridge across the ravine.

Cooper comes back to the cave to find no Marcus but just a hole. He calls Marcus's name who calls to him at the bottom of the hole. Cooper asks how he got down there and how he's going to get out.

Cameron says he's finished the bridge which is a lot of blocks everywhere which he calls an 'Enderbridge'. Phil then explains that they can't teleport like he can and makes him do it again.

Youtube's summaryEdit

Lyle and Phil journey underground with the Witch.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

  • "Pick, pick, pick, drop. Pick, pick, pick, drop."- Marcus
  • "Yes, everyone is fucking wild for tall!"- Phil
  • "I appogize for being very vague about the bridge."- Phil
  • "Hey Lyle, point V."- The Witch


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Minetrack and Ravine

Steve's house

Cameron's house

Mob Squad cave


Episode 7 Script


  • When Marcus Pick pick pick drops he disobeys the first rule of Minecraft: Never dig down!