Mob Squad Cave
Mob squad cave
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Cooper, Phil, Marcus, Cameron, Lyle, Kirby, Baby Cow





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Episode 1

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Into the underground

The Mob Squad cave is the dwelling of the Mob Squad. It has had many changes.


At the beginning, the Mob Squad cave was average, except it had cobwebs (probably left by Lyle and Kirby). In episode 4, Steve found the cave and put down a chest of sticks and stones and a crafting table in it. He was probably going to start a mine but the Mob Squad drove him out. The materials Steve had left let Marcus create a pickaxe which led to him creating a tunnel. In episode 9, Cameron had dramatically increased the size of the cave and made a large tunnel to find Marcus. He made pillars outside of it. Doing so trapped Cooper and his cow on a ledge. In Season 2 Episode 1, the pillars were still outside until Cooper badgered Cameron to put them all back by Episode 2, wanting everything to be back to normal, unaware of the new city that appeared a short hike away from the cave.