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Steve the Miner a.k.a "The monster"


Iron Sword



Steve "The Monster" is the main antagonist of Mob Squad.  (However, in the actual Minecraft game, Steve is simply the default player's skin)

In the Mob Squad series, Steve is first discovered when Cooper the creeper witnesses him kill a sheep. Steve lives his life like any other Minecraft player in a survival world. He tries his best to fend off evil mobs, he goes mining, he builds structures, and he crafts items.

Steve is good at scaring the mobs, even when he isn't attempting to frighten anyone. Cameron the enderman often alternates between hating Steve and appreciating his "genius." Eventually, Steve comes into the Mob Squad's home and places a crafting table and a single chest down. Marcus becomes obsessed with this crafting table, and unintentionally crafts a stone pickaxe.

Most of the team finally marshal their efforts to kill Steve by rigging a TNT and pressure plate bomb at the door of his house. Though after the credits you see him respawn indicating season 2.

During Season 2, he builds up a city, his Empire (That are allies to Steve just like his friend) and created a Mob Grinder who attempted to kill all mobs (But was stopped after Cameron saved Cooper). Cameron however brings news that he has returned and the whole Squad freaked out. Cameron got mad since Steve's friend is messing with him. Whenever Steve's friend attempted to kill Cameron, this angered Cameron and kills the friend purposely. Steve later encountered Phil, Cooper and Lyle and once again attempted to kill Marcus, but Cameron distracted him and Steve left.


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