Steve's house
Steve's house
Steve's oddly built house

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Steve's house is the cottage of Steve, nestled in the woods. Cooper first saw this house in episode 1 on his daily stroll. He saw Steve come out and kill a sheep. In episode 2, the Mob Squad charges in there to see no sign of him. They see his bed which because it smells of sheep, they think Steve has had sex in there. They look into a trapdoor to see Steve in his mine and run out. Cameron starts admiring Steve's house. At the end of the series, they construct TNT to destroy the house along with Steve. The windows of it are two blocks high and high enough to climb out of. Because of this, Cooper says the house was poorly built. In Season 2, the remains of the house kept triggering traumatic flashbacks of Steve in Cooper and caused him to get badly upset. When Cooper complained to the rest of the Mob Squad, he argued with Cameron who wanted to keep it as a memento of Steve. Phil suggested Cameron should cover it up with leaves so Cameron can visit it without it upsetting Cooper whenever he saw it.


Steve's house has in it three furnaces, a crafting table, a bed, and his own mine. It has many different paintings. The roof is held up by two fences.